About Us

Virtual Concierge & Doorman® is a service provided by AISG and is a result of 11 years of experience in interactive remote video (wireless technology), access control systems, alarm and hosted 24/7 monitoring services.

A household name in the industry

American Integrated Security Group (AISG®) has a storied history in security, working with major names like The Trump Organization, The Department of Homeland Security, Burlington Coat Factory and more. AISG founded its Virtual Concierge & Doorman® (VCD) program to satisfy a different need: affordable concierge services system in commercial and residential buildings. As a developer of one of the earliest such systems in the United States, our team saw a growing need to improve the existing technology and raise the bar in terms of service. Virtual Concierge & Doorman® by AISG® was born. Our systems run on state of the art equipment, with HD video, crisp audio to advanced access control systems. Through our AISG central station located in New York City, VCD opens the doors to the buildings across the country. VCD is staffed around the clock by highly trained, friendly door attendants who make it their job to ensure the highest level of door attendant service to apartment / residential buildings. We provide secure package delivery, greetings to guests and residents, a friendly presence, and much much more.

Our Vision

We seek to create lasting relationships with our clients through our comprehensive virtual concierge & Doorman offerings. By providing top of the line service and standing by all our products, we aim to make increase efficiency while making your daily grind a little easier. When you’ve got your hands full of grocery bags and ring your doorbell to hear a member of our doorman team greet you by your first and last name before informing you that your dry cleaning was dropped off and the dog walker came at 10, you know you’ve arrived home with VCD by AISG.

Meet Our Team

Our team is our backbone. Experienced and knowledgeable, these are the people behind the brand.

Levy Acs

President / Co-Founder

Acs brings 20 years of IT technical and engineering expertise to the company. His kean knowledge allows us to stay in the forefront of industry trends.


Asher Shaheen

Software Engineer

Asher comes with a detailed experience in the Software Development. He oversees our Agile Apps / Websites Development.


Michael Mansfield

Business Development

Michael brings over 30 years of experience in Business Development. His expertise allows us to continue to grow in nested markets.


Joanne Fernandes

VCD Team Member

Joanne comes with an extensive background in service. Her leadership keeps our VCD® Service aligned with the industry standards.