Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Concierge Doorman®?

VCD is a an offsite doorman that handles all your concierge and doorman duties through a hybrid audio video system.

How long does it take to install?

Generally we are able to get the installation finishing in 2-4 days! There’s a reason our customer satisfaction is so high!

What makes Virtual Concierge Doorman® different from other companies?

Our costs are lower, our service is more professional, we could go on and on! The best way is to come in for a demo so you can see for yourself. Or call us for further details.

Does my building have to sign up for Virtual Concierge Doorman® in order for me to use the Service?

Yes. This is something to bring up to your management company, at your board meeting or with any member of the board. The safety and efficiency of the whole building benefit, so it’s often a no brainer. Especially considering we can implement your existing hardware to lower your costs.

How will Virtual Concierge Doorman® keep unauthorized people from entering the building?

VCD uses a recognition system that efficiently identifies guests and delivery personnel to certify only the proper people are being granted access.

Will family members be able to access my apartment if I am on vacation?

Yes! Just let us know who you would like to grant access and for what period. Our doorman team will enter it in the system and grant them access accordingly.

Will I need to give my pass code or building door key to any of my service providers?

No. Simply let us know who you are expecting and what time window they are scheduled to come. Once they arrive, we’ll grant them access and notify you that we did.

What if I am leaving the country for a few weeks? I don’t want messages to come to my cell phone while I am abroad.

Just reach out to our VCD® Team and let them know the dates you will be traveling. We will make sure you aren’t bothered during your trip!

How do I know that my things are safe in the package room? Will someone monitor the package room?

We only allow entry to the package room if you have a package to keep a tight access control. In addition, there is always a camera surveillance available in the package room.

I share my apartment and my building decided to use a Telephone Entry System (TES) Can my roommate and I have separate access preferences?

You can seperate access preferences for you are your roommate. You would just have to let your doorman know the specifics of each roommates preferences and voila!