Doorman Services

Delivering conveniences, lifestyle experiences and performing every important duty of a traditional doorman.

Our services can be used with or without a traditional attendant and are effective in buildings, gated communities and commerical / industrial properties of any size. They are affordably priced, so the value they add will improve your bottom line.


Safe secure package delivery and notification. Welcome home, your package is waiting in a secure location guided there by VCD® Team.

No more missing deliveries for you or your tenants. It’s that simple. Say goodbye to missing package headaches. With VCD® cost effective package delivery system, missed deliveries become a thing of the past – without a full-time doorman. Here’s how it works: through a secure, audio-enabled camera intercom system, we’ll process deliveries and packages according to each resident’s instructions. Residents will be notified via phone or email whenever they receive packages. What happens to the packages? They are safely stored in a discreet custom built closet in your lobby, which we monitor remotely until the packages are picked up.

Virtual Remote Doorman

Technology meets top quality service at your front door. From our central control station, we watch your front entrance 24-hours a day.

Like a real doorman, we greet & screen visitors who need assistance and provide a constant presence for your residents’ peace of mind. Lost Keys? Never a problem again. VCD® maintains a complete photo database of resident info. With the press of a button, a resident or guest is greeted by our operator who can open the door anytime day or night. When visitors arrive, they’ll speak with our central monitoring station that can see and hear them through an audio-enabled camera intercom system. Our staff notifies the resident. The resident decides whether or not to let them in. We simply open the door or gate. All visitors are approved or denied according to the resident’s instructions.

Virtual Remote Doorman
Gated Communities:

Our Virtual Gatekeeper service saves you money while improving safety and convenience for your residents. You can continue using your existing remote control gate access or utilize our license plate recognition technology to provide access for residents. Regardless of your access method, our cameras, installed in strategic locations will monitor all vehicles that enter or leave the premises around the clock.

Package Delivery
Complete Building Surveillance

We are your eyes & ears on your building. Rest assured - We've got your back.

Our state of the art video surveillance system enables us to view activity at your property, interact with the premises, and take action as necessary and according to your specific instructions. We’ll set up cameras in strategic locations according to your building’s individual needs, then track them 24/7 from our central monitoring station. If anything suspicious or unusual occurs, we'll immediately alert building management as well as the proper authorities.